Community Voice Channel

Community Voice Channel  (CVC) operates three separate cable channels: Public AccessEducational Access, and Government Access.The mission of Public Access Television is to provide the residents of cities, towns, and municipalities, with the ability to produce program content that is of relevance to them and to their communities, at no cost to them. The Community Voice Channel (CVC) is the non-profit cable access television facility serving area Connecticut towns.  

Ellington participates in recording shows for CVC to discuss Ellington News and Events.  Please visit the CVC website and search "Ellington" to watch On Demand recordings of what is going on in Ellington, not only through the First Selectman;s Office, but also through the Ellington Public Schools, Ellington's Youth Services, Ellington Singers and much more.

105 Notch Road, Bolton, CT  06043
Phone:  860-645-1454
Fax:  860-993-1210

Ellington News and Events