Emergency Services


For routine calls, please use the numbers listed below:  


Resident State Troopers' Office
Sergeant: Patrick Sweeney
33 Arbor Way, next to the Ellington Fire Department (Main Street) 

(860) 875-1522

Troop C - Tolland
1320 Tolland Stage Road
Tolland, CT 06084

(860) 896-3200 or (800) 318-7633

Visit Connecticut Department of Public Safety website at 

Emergency Services Evaluation Report, August 2003 (162 pages)

Fire Departments

Ellington Fire Department
29 Main Street, P.O. Box 911

(860) 870-3190

Chief: Gary T. Feldman, Sr.

Crystal Lake Fire Department
316 Sandy Beach Road
Website: crystallakefire.com 

(860) 870-3174

Chief: Charles Pippin

Ellington Ambulance  Corps
41 Maple Street, P.O. Box 71

Website: ellingtonambulance.org

(860) 870-3170

President: Nancy Stillman

Emergency Management
P O Box 187
Ellington, CT 06029
(860) 870-3182
(860) 870-3103 Fax

Director:  Don Davis
email:  ddavis@ellington-ct.gov
Deputy Directors:  John Streiber & Frederica Weeks

Responsible for the review of and adjustments to the Town Emergency Plan as filed with the State Office of Emergency Management.  The Emergency Management Director receives and disseminates information from the State Office of Emergency Management concerning impending emergencies, such as severe weather, terrorism alerts and other situations that may affect the Town of Ellington and its citizens.

ommunity Emergency Response Team
information (click here)
CERT Leader:  John Streiber - Call
(860) 870-3182 or (860) 918-3112 Leave a message.

Disaster Preparedness for Home and Community:  Recent Natural Disasters has led the Capitol Region of Governments of Connecticut to create a web site designed to educate people how to be aware, plan, and prepare for natural and manmade disasters. This website can help you learn about hazards that threaten our community, help you make plans to reunite, communicate, take shelter or evacuate with your family in the event of a disaster, you can learn how to assemble and store an emergency kit click on the following link: http://www.getreadycapitolregion.org/

Connecticut Terrorism Tips Hotline:
1-866-HLS-TIPS (1-866-457-8477)
Click the link to view the poster.

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