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Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission (EDC) plans for and promotes business development within the community in order to increase the grand list and balance the tax burden between commercial, industrial, and residential uses.
The Ellington Economic Development Commission (EDC) is committed to fostering a pro-business environment which encourages a growing, sustainable and diverse tax base. The EDC continuously looks to facilitate communication between businesses and town officials. The EDC adopts policies consistent with theTown's approved Plan of Conservation and Development and strives to improve the quality of life in Ellington.

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Take Advantage of your Town's Support Today!

The Ellington Economic Development Commission wants to drive revenue straight to your door through its newest initiative - Shop Ellington - an online and mobile accessible business directory intended to connect businesses and consumers.

Town of Ellington Economic Development Data 
Economic Development Data & Information

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Ellington Economic Development Tax Program
(REVISED 9-15-14)

Are you thinking about moving your business to Ellington or are you an existing Ellington business thinking about expanding? If so, click on the link above to learn about the Ellington Economic Development Tax Program.

On August 27, 2014, the Town of Ellington approved an agreement with Connecticut Green Bank endorsing C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy), a program that facilitates low-interest financing for clean energy improvements to commercial or industrial properties through benefit assessment.

For more information click here or contact the Ellington Planning Department at 860-870-3120 or planner@ellington-ct.gov.

Are you interested in learning valuable information and accessing tips to help decrease energy costs, promote savings and help improve the environment? If so, visit the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's new website at: www.ctenergyinfo.com

Are you looking for advice on how to grow your business? Visit the Connecticut Small Business Development Center to find out how to take your business to the next level. View the flyer here.

Connecticut FarmLink Program: www.farmlink.uconn.edu
The program is focused on keeping farmland in production by connecting owners of underutilized farmland to young or newer farmers looking for land in Connecticut. Please follow the link above for more information and to register with the CT Department of Agriculture.

Ellington maps are now available online at www.mapgeo.com/ellingtonct


Sean Kelly, Chairman
Christopher Todd, Vice Chairman
David Hurley

Stanislav Moline
Gilbert Gamboa, Jr.                      

Stefanie Cunningham
Donna Resutek
Francie Berger

Lisa M. Houlihan, Town Planner
Phone: 860-870-3120 E-Mail: lhoulihan@ellington-ct.gov

Kristin C. Michaud, Administrative Secretary II
Phone: 860-870-3120 E-Mail: kmichaud@ellington-ct.gov

If you have an economic development matter that you would like to discuss, please contact one of the above staff members. Thank you!

2015 EDC Meeting Schedule

2015 Land Use Commission Meeting Schedule

Meeting Agendas & Minutes:

November: 11/18/15 Agenda/Minutes
October: 10/14/15 Agenda/Minutes
September: 09/09/15 Agenda/Minutes
August: 08/12/15 Agenda/Minutes
July: 07/08/15 Agenda/Minutes
June: 06/10/15 Agenda/Meeting Cancelled
May: 05/13/15 Agenda/Revised Minutes
April: 04/08/15 Meeting Cancelled
March: 03/11/15 Agenda/Minutes
February: 02/11/15 Agenda/Minutes
January: 01/14/15 Agenda/Minutes

December: 12/10/14 Agenda/Meeting Cancelled
November: 11/12/14 Agenda/Minutes
October: 10/08/14 Agenda/Minutes
September: 09/10/14 Agenda/Minutes
August: 08/13/14 Agenda/Minutes
July: 07/09/14 Meeting Cancelled
June: 06/11/14 Agenda/Minutes
May: 05/19/14 Agenda/Minutes
May: 05/14/14 Agenda/Meeting Cancelled
April: 04/09/14 Agenda/Special Minutes
March: 03/05/14 Special Meeting Agenda/Minutes
February: 02/12/14 Agenda/Minutes
January: 01/08/14

December: 12/11/13 Agenda/Minutes
November: 11/13/13 Agenda/Minutes
October: 10/9/13 Agenda/Minutes
September: 9/11/13 Agenda/Minutes
August: 8/14/13 Agenda/Minutes
July: 7/10/13 Meeting Cancelled
June: 6/12/13 Agenda/Minutes
May: 5/8/13 Agenda/Minutes
April: 4/10/13 Agenda/Minutes
March: 3/13/13 Meeting Cancelled
February: 2/13/13 Agenda/Minutes
January: 1/9/13 Agenda/Minutes

December: 12/12/12 Meeting Cancelled
November: 11/14/12 Agenda/Minutes
October: 10/10/12 Agenda/Minutes
September: 09/12/12 Agenda/Minutes
August: 08/08/12 Agenda/Minutes
July: 07/11/12 Meeting Cancelled
June: 06/13/12 Agenda/Minutes
May: 05/09/12 Agenda/Minutes
April: 04/11/12 Agenda/Minutes
March: 03/14/12 Agenda/Minutes
February: 02/08/12 Agenda/Minutes
January: 01/11/12 Agenda/Minutes

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