Convenience Fee Statement

A $0.95 fee will be charged when paying by electronic check/ACH. Use of a charge card will incur a convenience fee of 2.95% with a minimum charge of $1.00. The Town of Ellington receives only your bill payment amount. Convenience fees cover various administrative costs associated with accepting payments and are non-refundable.

The convenience fee amount is automatically calculated and is shown on the payment page before you submit your payment for processing. Convenience fees will appear as a separate charge from the bill amount on your bank or credit card statement.

PLEASE NOTE: Your payment is not successfully completed until the funds have settled in the Town of Ellington’s bank. This typically takes 48-72 hours to settle. If a payment is returned for any reason there will be a return payment fee of $15.00.

If you have a tax compliance and you need to do business with the Department of Motor Vehicles then it is best to pay in the Tax office with cash, money order or bank check. The tax compliance will be removed within 24 hours of your payment.

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